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January 10, 2020
wind turbine magnets
December 23, 2019

Fears over the supply of Neodymium Magnets for Wind Turbines

As the need for renewable energy intensifies there is now a steady increase of turbines erected rather than a few random ones as happened a decade or more ago. The significant improvement in both the design ...
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water conditioning magnets
December 16, 2019

Water Conditioning Magnets: What You Should Know Before Buying

Water conditioning magnets refer to an invention that is capable of changing the molecular arrangement of atoms of water. To get an understanding of what mechanism these magnets use for the purpose, we need to go ...
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wind turbine function
December 9, 2019

Working Principle of A Wind Turbine And How to Make A One

Today I need to discuss how wind turbine functions. The point has come up a couple of times in discussions I’ve had with other do-it-yourselfers, and the response to that address is shockingly straightforward. Obviously the ...
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general motors
December 2, 2019

Which Magnets are Used in Commercial Motors?

Neodymium – one of the so-called rare earth metals – is an important element necessary for producing very strong permanent magnets. With a growing tendency for electrically powered automobiles magnet efficiency has become key to manufacturing ...
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mri machine
November 25, 2019

Relationship Between Rare Earth Magnets And Healthcare

Most individuals have a fundamental understanding of what a magnet is, however, they don’t generally consider the numerous routes in which magnets could be utilized. Did you realize that magnets assume paramount parts in our commonplace ...
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permanent magnets
November 18, 2019

Some Permanent Magnets that Keep the Entire World Running

Rare earth or perpetual are made from components in the rare earth assembly of the occasional table of the components. While once acknowledged rare, these components have been discovered to be as normal as lead or ...
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permanent magnet motor
November 11, 2019

Permanent Magnet Motor Puzzle Solved by a German Inventor

Thomas Engel is one of the most successful German inventors with more than a hundred patented creations to his credit. He, like a significant number of his associates, does not think over at a successful school ...
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