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Multipole Ring Technology

Our comprehensive guide provides readers with a thorough understanding of how multipole ring magnets are engineered, including the design principles that dictate their magnetic field distribution and strength. You'll learn about the different types of multipole rings, such as radial, diametrical, and halbach arrays, and how each serves distinct purposes across various industries.

Multipole Rings can be sintered into a truly radial geometry by using a special technology. This replaces the costly and labor-intensive method of gluing arcs, bread loaves, or rectangular segments onto a rotor shaft.

This new technology improves the uniformity of magnetic flux, which increases motor efficiency and torque. Other benefits include ease of assembly, superior mechanical properties, better magnetic qualities, and elimination of the re-work associated with chipped discrete magnets.

These multipole rings are revolutionizing the permanent magnet space for synchronous motors, stepping motors, and DC brushless motors widely used in automotive, computers, electronics, etc.

Multi-pole Magnetic Ring Magnetic Field

Radial Dual-Pole Cylindrical Magnet

High-Grade Radial Multi-Pole Ring


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