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Press-Fit Encased Magnets Description

A Press-Fit Encased Magnet refers to a magnet that is encapsulated or encased within a non-magnetic material using a press-fit process. This process involves pressing magnets into a housing or casing made of a non-magnetic material, such as plastic or metal, to provide protection and facilitate ease of handling and installation.
The purpose of encasing the magnet is to shield it from external influences, such as mechanical stress, impact, moisture, and corrosion. The non-magnetic enclosure acts as a protective barrier, preventing direct contact with the magnet while still allowing its magnetic field to be projected outward.
By encapsulating the magnet, the press-fit enclosure ensures the longevity of the magnet, prevents damage, and enhances its performance and durability in diverse environments. The specific design and material of the encasing depend on the application requirements and the desired level of protection for the magnet.

Press-Fit Encased Magnets Applications

Press-fit Encased Magnets are commonly used in various applications where the magnet needs to be securely housed and protected.
· Magnetic door latches and closures
· Magnetic fasteners
· Magnetic sensors
· Magnetic assemblies