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Customized High-Quality 3M Adhesive Magnets

Stanford Magnets can supply a wide range of customized 3M Adhesive backing Magnets according to requests.

* 3M 486 adhesive backing for best adhesion;

* Quick release tab for fast and effective liner removal;

* Strongest magnet material available;

* Maximum operating temperature 80°C.


3M Adhesive Backed Magnets Description

The 3M Adhesive Magnets are magnets with a protective backing strip – simply remove the protective backing strip and press the sticky back magnets neodymium disc magnets onto the item you want to adhere to.

The adhesive layer is placed on one magnetic pole. So a North described adhesive-backed NdFeB disc magnet has the magnetic North pole visible and the magnetic South pole has the adhesive backing.

A South-described adhesive-backed Neodymium disc sticky magnet has the magnetic South pole visible and the magnetic North pole has the adhesive backing.

3M Adhesive Magnets Specifications 

Material Sintered NdFeB. Grade N45
Gauss Rating 13,500 Gauss
Pulling Force 3 lbs
Pole Orientation Axially magnetized, poles are on the two flat ends
Coating Ni+Cu+Ni 3 layer plated, the best coating available
Adhesive 3M adhesive with peel-and-stick application
Tolerance The tolerances of all the dimensions are +/-0.004" with coating

3M Adhesive Magnets Applications 

3M adhesive magnets are used more and more in our daily life. it is made up of a neodymium magnet and high-quality 3M self-adhesive tape. 

Neodymium magnet, as the most powerful magnet so far, really makes a difference. it is strong and flexible. 

Flexible means it can be machined into different shapes, and sizes, with counter holes, or edge and corner processing. 

We can do custom magnets to meet your requirements.

Why Choose Us

* Experienced More than 20 years in supplying a wide range of rare earth magnets

* A technical team including Ph.D.s in material science and physics

* ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 standard; PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) level 3

* Safety Stock available in our 20,000 sq ft warehouse and 4-5 weeks lead time for custom products.


What are 3M adhesive backing magnets?
3M adhesive backing magnets are permanent magnets (often neodymium, ferrite, or flexible rubber magnets) that have a layer of 3M brand adhesive tape applied to one side. This allows the magnets to be easily attached to non-magnetic surfaces.
What types of magnets come with 3M adhesive backing?
Neodymium Magnets: High-strength magnets ideal for applications requiring a compact and powerful magnet. Ferrite Magnets: Cost-effective magnets suitable for a wide range of applications, offering decent strength and resistance to demagnetization. Flexible Rubber Magnets: Versatile and can be cut to size, perfect for lightweight attachments and crafts.
What are the benefits of using 3M adhesive backing magnets?
Easy to Use: No need for drilling or screws, making installation quick and clean. Strong Adhesive: 3M adhesives are known for their high quality, ensuring a secure bond to various surfaces. Versatility: Can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including metal, plastic, wood, and more. Flexibility: Available in various shapes, sizes, and magnet types to suit different applications.
What applications are suitable for 3M adhesive backing magnets?
These magnets are used in various applications, including: Home and Office: For hanging signs, mounting tools or kitchen utensils, and organizing cables. Retail and Display: For attaching signage, nameplates, and displays to various surfaces without damaging them. Automotive: For mounting accessories or decorations inside vehicles. Electronics: In devices where a secure closure is needed without screws or mechanical fasteners.
How do you apply 3M adhesive backing magnets?
Clean the Surface: Ensure the surface where the magnet will be applied is clean, dry, and free of any grease or dust. Peel the Backing: Remove the protective liner from the adhesive side of the magnet. Apply Pressure: Firmly press the magnet onto the surface for a few seconds to ensure good adhesive contact.
Can 3M adhesive backing magnets be removed?
While 3M adhesive is designed for a strong and lasting bond, it is possible to remove the magnets with careful effort. Using a blade or spatula, gently pry the magnet off the surface. Any adhesive residue can be removed with an adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol.
Are there any surfaces that 3M adhesive backing magnets should not be used on?
It's best to avoid applying these magnets to surfaces that are porous, highly textured, or subject to frequent moisture exposure, as these conditions may weaken the adhesive bond. Additionally, some plastics or painted surfaces may be damaged upon removal.
How strong are 3M adhesive backing magnets?
The strength of the magnet itself depends on the type of magnet and its size. Neodymium magnets offer the highest strength, followed by ferrite and then rubber magnets. The adhesive strength will depend on the surface quality and how well the adhesive is applied.

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