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0.04” thickness; various color

Highly corrosion resistant, increase friction

Rubber coated neodymium magnets give great durability and high friction. The rubber coating acts as a protection for the Neodymium Magnet against chipping and exposure to liquids. Rubber coated neodymium magnets are used in many holding applications. If you require a specific size, please contact us on using our online custom magnet quote form.

These Neodymium rubber coated magnets are high strength rare earth magnets with a durable rubber coating. They are especially suitable for applications where the surface might be easily scratched or damaged. The rubber coating also protects the magnet against chipping and corrosion, and provides superior slide resistance due to the friction between the rubber and steel surface to which the magnet is bonded. Manufacturers and industrial designers use rubber coated magnets for holding and fastening. They are well suited to aquariums, construction sites, and outdoor use. Some plastic coated mounting magnets feature a central threaded hole (female thread) so you can attach them with a bolt, or a central threaded stud (male thread) so you can insert a hook or eye bolt. We also have rubber coated magnets with pre-drilled holes that can be screwed or nailed into place.

Black plastic coating prevents corrosion or chipping damage to the magnet, and prevents damage to the surface you are mounting onto. The high friction of the coating offers greatly improved holding force on vertical surfaces.

If you need a soft surface on your magnet for mounting something on a fridge, car, or other surfaces you want to protect, don’t waste your time with Plastic-dip because it won’t work. NOTHING will stick to the surface of rare-earth (neodymium) magnets. The tape will protect temporarily but it will tear when you least expect it and damage will occur anyway.