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Fishing Magnets Built with Neodymium Magnets w/ Eyebolt

What materials are used in metric mounting magnets?

These magnets can be made from various magnetic materials, including:

How do you choose the right metric mounting magnet?

Consider the following factors:

What are the common applications for metric mounting magnets?

Metric mounting magnets are used in a broad array of applications, including:


What are metric mounting magnets?
Metric mounting magnets are permanent magnets manufactured to metric dimensions for use in applications where precise measurements are critical. They are available in a variety of shapes, such as discs, blocks, cylinders, and rings, with their sizes specified in millimeters.
Why use metric mounting magnets?
The use of metric dimensions allows for easy integration and compatibility in machinery, equipment, and assemblies that are designed using the metric system, which is the standard in most countries. This ensures a proper fit and functionality in a wide range of applications.
How do you install metric mounting magnets?
Installation methods vary depending on the magnet's design and intended use. Some magnets come with adhesive backing, others might have mounting holes for screws, and some are designed to be press-fitted or used in conjunction with specific hardware.
How are metric mounting magnets specified?
These magnets are specified by their dimensions in millimeters, often accompanied by their material grade (indicating the magnetic material's properties) and any special features, such as coating or magnetization direction.
Can metric mounting magnets be custom ordered?
Yes, many suppliers offer custom fabrication services to produce magnets in specific sizes, shapes, and with particular magnetic properties or coatings to meet unique application requirements.

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