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What applications are suitable for rectangular mounting magnets?

How do you choose the right rectangular mounting magnet?

Consider the following factors:

How do you install rectangular mounting magnets?

Installation methods vary based on the magnet's design:


What are rectangular mounting magnets?
Rectangular mounting magnets are permanent magnets shaped in a rectangular form, providing a broad surface area for secure attachment. They can be made from different magnetic materials, including neodymium (NdFeB), ferrite (ceramic), or samarium cobalt (SmCo), depending on the required strength and application conditions.
How do you maintain rectangular mounting magnets?
Maintenance is minimal: Cleaning: Wipe the magnet with a damp cloth to remove dust or debris, ensuring the magnetic surface remains clean for optimal performance. Inspection: Regularly check for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage, especially if used in demanding environments.

Protocols and articles

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