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Neodymium arc magnets Description

Neodymium arc magnets, or neodymium segment magnets, can be seen as a part of neodymium ring magnets or neodymium disc magnets. They are made of high-quality neodymium magnets containing the elements neodymium, iron, and boron. NdFeB magnets are permanent magnets and the most widely used type of rare earth magnets. Neodymium arc magnets are mostly used in voice coil motorpermanent magnet motors, generators, wind turbines, torque couplings, and other applications.

Stanford Magnets specializes in manufacturing and supplying neodymium arc magnets applied in various industrial applications. We have advanced technology, rich experience, and professional engineering technicians in this field. 

Looking for a certain size? We carry a large inventory of neodymium arc magnets, available in a wide range of sizes and grades, not all of which are shown on this website. If you require a specific size, please contact us for a custom magnet quote.

Neodymium arc magnets Key Characteristics

Neodymium arc magnets Applications

Neodymium arc magnets Handling and Safety

Handling neodymium arc magnets requires caution due to their strong magnetic pull, which can cause injury or damage if the magnets snap together unexpectedly. Protective gear should be worn to prevent pinching or bruising. Additionally, these magnets should be kept away from electronic devices and magnetic media to avoid interference or damage.

Neodymium arc magnets Customization and Manufacturing

Manufacturers can customize neodymium arc magnets in terms of size, magnetic grade, and coating to suit specific applications. The manufacturing process involves sintering the NdFeB alloy into a solid block, machining it into the desired arc shape, and then applying a surface treatment to prevent corrosion. Precision is key, as the arc segments must fit together perfectly in their application to achieve the desired magnetic performance.


What are neodymium arc magnets?
Neodymium arc magnets are a type of rare-earth magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron, shaped in the form of an arc or segment. These magnets are designed to fit the round shape of motors and generators, providing a powerful magnetic field in a specific direction.
How do neodymium arc magnets differ from other neodymium magnets?
The main difference lies in their shape. While neodymium magnets can come in various forms, such as discs, blocks, or cubes, arc magnets are specifically cut into arc shapes to fit circular assemblies. This shape allows them to generate a directional magnetic field around the circumference of a circle, making them ideal for rotational applications.
What are the common uses for neodymium arc magnets?
Neodymium arc magnets are commonly used in high-performance motors, generators, and turbines. They are also found in electric vehicles, wind turbines, hard disk drives, and in various types of loudspeakers and dynamic microphones due to their ability to produce a strong magnetic field in a specific direction.
Can neodymium arc magnets be customized?
Yes, neodymium arc magnets can be customized in terms of size, angle, grade, and magnetic orientation to meet specific requirements. Customization is essential for them to fit precisely in the devices they are designed for, such as specific motor or generator models.
How strong are neodymium arc magnets?
Neodymium arc magnets are among the strongest types of magnets available, capable of generating significant magnetic force. The strength of an arc magnet depends on its grade, size, and the design of the magnetic circuit in which it is used.
Are neodymium arc magnets coated?
Like other neodymium magnets, arc magnets are typically coated to prevent corrosion. The coatings can include nickel, copper, zinc, or epoxy, which protect the magnet from moisture and chemical exposure.
Do neodymium arc magnets have a specific magnetic orientation?
Yes, neodymium arc magnets are manufactured with a specific magnetic orientation that is aligned with the arc's geometry. This orientation is crucial for their use in motors and generators, where the magnetic field needs to interact precisely with the device's other components.
How should neodymium arc magnets be handled?
Handling neodymium arc magnets requires caution due to their strong magnetic force. Protective gloves should be worn to prevent injuries, and the magnets should be kept at a safe distance from electronic devices and magnetic storage media to avoid damage.
Can neodymium arc magnets lose their magnetism?
Neodymium arc magnets can lose their magnetism if exposed to high temperatures, strong demagnetizing magnetic fields, or if they are physically damaged. However, under normal operating conditions, they can maintain their magnetism for decades.
How are neodymium arc magnets manufactured?
The manufacturing process for neodymium arc magnets involves melting the raw materials (neodymium, iron, and boron), casting the alloy into ingots, pulverizing the ingots into a fine powder, pressing the powder in a magnetic field to align the particles, sintering to fuse the particles, and then cutting the magnets into the desired arc shape before coating them for protection.

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