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Low HRE & HRE Free Technology

Our detailed exploration covers the core concepts of Low HRE and HRE-Free technologies, detailing how scientists and engineers are innovating to maintain or enhance magnetic properties while minimizing or eliminating the use of heavy rare earth materials.

Heavy Rare Earth Metals (HREs) such as Dy and Tb have been used as standard replacements for Nd to increase the intrinsic coercive field strength HcJ and thus improve the temperature stability of sintered NdFeB magnets. Due to the high cost of these HRE metals, there is an urgent need to reduce the HRE content by increasing the coercive field strength of NdFeB magnets by other means. One way to increase the coercive field strength of HRE-free magnets is to replace the HRE with Al in combination with optimized amounts of Co, Cu, and Ga. By choosing optimized amounts of these elements, HRE-free magnet types with higher coercive field strength HcJ can be fabricated under industrial conditions.

These magnets are suitable for many applications at temperatures up to around 150℃ and are almost independent of the supply of heavy rare earth.


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