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SM-BM Magnetic Bullet separator (Bullet Magnets)

Magnetic Bullet separator (Bullet Magnets)

Bullet separator is designed to remove relative lager pieces of iron tramps like nuts, bolts and nails to avoid damage to the downstream machines. This equipment is usually installed in gravity and pneumatically pipelines. Bullet separator is applicative to all the powder and granular products which is dry. Such as grain, powder and feed etc.

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Product ID: SM-BM
Material: Customized
Shape: Customized
Dimension: Customized
Tolerances: Customized
Grade: Customized
Coating: Ceramic/Ferrite
Max Operating Temp(C/F): Customized Construction:
Stanford Bullet separator is constructed by a nose cone in the central within a SS housing outside. Cone shape ensures smooth flowing volume. High intensity magnet makes the cone concentrate strong strength to capture the iron tramps perfectly. Usually these liquid traps are simply mounted to the existing pipeline via flanged or threaded ends. Easy access is also possible using the quick release clamp.

1. Finishing: Fine polished and well welding to meet food grade.
2. Material of shell: SS304, SS316 and SS316L seamless steel tube
3. Working Temperature: Standard working temperature of liquid trap magnets is ?Q 80±, but if high temperature is required, we can offer up to 350± to meet your special applications
4. Compress resistance: 6 kilograms (0.6Mpa) with quick release clamp while 10 kilograms (1.0Mpa) with flange.
5. As rare earth magnets are extremely powerful and tramp metal is very difficult to remove by hand. We are ready to offer you an easy-clean design.
6. To meet the demand of preserving heat, we offer you a special design adding insulation layer.
7. Customer designs, specifications can be fulfilled.

How to do cleaning?
Easy-clean design. As the cone is fixed with the door, when open the door , cone will come out simultaneously. Then just wipe the cone with glove on hand.