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Magnetic Pulley Separator

Magnetic Pulley Separator is designed for continuous self-cleaning of product flows. The magnetic pulley is generally installed at the end of the conveyor belt to separate the iron contaminant from the material. Magnetic Pulley Separator removes ferrous contamination—nails, spikes, nuts, bolts, cans, and wire for conveyor operations.

Product Name: Magnetic Pulley Separator
Product ID: SM-MPS
Material: Customized
Grade: Customized
Coating: Ceramic/Ferrite
Max Operating Temp(C/F): Customized

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Magnetic Pulley Separator Specifications

Product ID: SM-MPS
Material: Customized
Shape: Customized
Dimension: Customized
Tolerances: Customized
Grade: Customized
Coating: Ceramic/Ferrite
Max Operating Temp(C/F): Customized

Magnetic Pulley Separator Introduction

A magnetic pulley is a device for the automatic and permanent removal of magnetic iron metals from inert materials. The operating principle of magnetic pulley separator is similar to that of a drum magnet, which is also designed for continuous self-cleaning of product flows. The magnetic pulley is generally installed at the end of the conveyor belt to separate the iron contaminant from the material.

Magnetic Pulley Separator Applications

Magnetic pulleys are widely used in the processing and recycling industries for several reasons. They are inherently self-cleaning, easy to install, and virtually maintenance-free. Magnetic Pulley Separator gives you more of what you want a magnet for — greater attracting power and greater holding power to keep harmful, dangerous ferrous particles out of your processing system or to redeem valuable ferrites from other substances.

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agnetic Pulley Separator
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by Will on agnetic Pulley Separator

Great puller for a stubborn pulley.