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SMON3063 Signal Relay Y4-1A-5D

Model: Y4-1A-5D

Contact Material: silver alloy

Dimension: 20.5×5×12.5 mm

Environment temperature: -40 to 85℃

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Signal Relay Y4-1A-5D Introduction

Signal Relay Y4-1A-5D offers superior contact reliability even with a small signal load owing to its gold-pasted contact and bifurcated crossbar structure.

Since signal relays are mainly used to switch currents, they mainly feature a c-contact structure. They are compatible with reflow mounting. Multiple mounting is also possible for reel packages.


Signal Relay Y4-1A-5D Specification

Contact Load 5A 250VAC
Coil Voltage (3-48) VDC
Contact Resistance ≤100mΩ (1A 6VDC)
Temperature range -40 to 85℃
Terminal PCB


Signal Relay Y4-1A-5D Applications

Signal Relay Y4-1A-5D is mainly used for lower than 2A load switching. It can be used in various applications such as telecom & network devices, test and measurement equipment, and security devices.

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