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SMAN0809 Neodymium Arc Magnet

Product ID: SMAN0809
Material: NdFeB
Shape: Arc
Dimension: 1” OD x 0.75” ID x 0.75” thick x 30° angle
Grade: N42
Coating: Nickel Coated Magnets
Magnetization direction: North Pole on Outside Face
Max Operating Temp(C/F): 80/176

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The SMAN0809 neodymium arc magnet is made from super strong N42 NdFeB , coated with Nickel as neodymium magnets get oxidized easily. The dimension of this big neodymium magnet is 1” OD × 0.75” ID × 0.75” thick x 30° angle, magnetized North Pole on Outside Face.