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SMBC0055 Ceramic/Ferrite Block Magnet

The SMBC0055 Ceramic/Ferrite Block Magnet is made from high-performance C8 Ferrite, without other protective coatings.

Product ID: SMBC0055
Material: Ferrite
Shape: Block
Dimension: 152.4mm x 101.4mm x 25.4mm Thickness
Grade: C8
Coating: Magnets Requiring no Protective Coating
Pull Force(Lbs): 8
Surface Field(Gauss): 900
Magnetization direction: Through Thickness
Magnetic Face: 152.4mm x 101.4mm

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SMBC0055 Ceramic/Ferrite Block Magnet Description

The ferrite is manufactured by a ceramic process, has a relatively hard texture, and is a brittle material.

Since ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance, low cost, and moderate performance, they have become permanent magnets for a wide range of applications.

SMBC0055 Ceramic/Ferrite Block Magnet Features

A low cost alternative to other magnetic materials offers relatively high operating temperatures and good resistance to corrosion & demagnetization. However, it has lower energy levels (Br) and is brittle in nature.

SMBC0055 Ceramic/Ferrite Block Magnet Applications

Dc motors, Louderspeaks, Magnetic Separators, Automotive Sensors, Education, etc.