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SMD8APC-BLK Rubber Coated Magnets

Dimensions: 1/2″ dia. x 5/8″ thick
Tolerances: ±0.004″ x ±0.004″
Material: NdFeB, Grade N42
Plating/Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni-Plastic
Magnetization Direction: Axial (Poles on Flat Ends)
Weight: 0.393 oz. (11.1 g)
Pull Force, Case 1: 5.79 lbs
Pull Force, Case 2: 7.19 lbs
Surface Field: 5299 Gauss
Max Operating Temp: 176ºF (80ºC)
Brmax: 13,200 Gauss
BHmax: 42 MGOe

These great magnets are coated with a durable layer of plastic. The 1/2″ x 5/8″ dimensions are the finished dimensions of the plastic coating. These cylinders are easy to handle and can be slammed together many times without damage. They won’t mark or scratch surfaces they come in contact with. They are also completely weatherproof.

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