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SMDC0034 Ceramic/Ferrite Disc Magnet

Product ID: SMDC0034

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The SMDC0034 Ceramic/Ferrite Disc Magnet is made from high-performance C1 Ferrite, without other protective coatings.

SMDC0034 Ceramic/Ferrite Disc Magnet Description

Ferrite magnet or ceramic magnet is the cheapest magnetic material available with the lowest cost/energy ratio, also known as Ceramic Magnets, they are mainly Strontium based (SrFe2O3), manufactured with Strontium Carbonate additive to increase performances from the obsolete Barium based (BaFe2O3). Their good coercive force results from the high crystal anisotropy of Strontium iron oxide. However, isotropic parts can also be produced where a simple and easy multi-pole magnetization is required. The most common shapes are simple, such as blocks, cylinders, rings, and arcs. Ferrite is not conductive and has high resistance against corrosion, acids, salts, and lubricants.

SMDC0034 Ceramic/Ferrite Disc Magnet Applications

Dc motors, Louderspeaks, Magnetic Separators, Automotive Sensors, Educations, etc

SMDC0034 Ceramic/Ferrite Disc Magnet Features

A low-cost alternative to other magnetic materials offers relatively high operating temperatures and good resistance to corrosion& demagnetization. However, it has lower energy levels (Br) and is brittle in nature.
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