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SMDC0041 Ceramic/Ferrite Disc Magnet

Product ID: SMDC0041
Material: Ferrite
Shape: Disc
Dimension: 25mm dia x 3mm Thickness
Grade: C1
Coating: Magnets Requiring no Protective Coating
Pull Force(Lbs): 0.5
Surface Field(Gauss): 500
Magnetization Direction: Through Thickness
Magnetic Face: 25mm dia

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The SMDC0041 Ceramic/Ferrite Disc Magnet is made from high-performance C1 Ferrite, without other protective coatings.

Customized Disc Ferrite Magnetic

Ferrite magnets are the lowest-cost hard magnets available at present. They have excellent oxidation resistance and usually do not require additional protective coating or surface treatment.

Their corrosion resistance and susceptibility to magnetization make them popular choices for a wide range of consumer, commercial, industrial, and technological applications.