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SMDC0042 Ceramic/Ferrite Disc Magnet

Product ID: SMDC0042
Material: Ferrite
Shape: Disc
Dimension: 30mm dia x 5mm Thickness
Grade: C1
Coating: Magnets Requiring no Protective Coating
Pull Force(Lbs): 0.45
Magnetization Direction: Through Thickness
Magnetic Face: 30mm dia

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The SMDC0042 Ceramic/Ferrite Disc Magnet is made from high-performance C1 Ferrite, without other protective coatings.

Ceramic Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite Magnet is made from SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 as the main raw materials by ceramic processing technology. The products appear in rings, discs, blocks, segments, etc. It’s mainly used in various motors, especially car motors, start-up motors for motorcycles, home fitness equipment, and electric toys as well.


1. High-cost performance
2. High resistance to corrosion
3. High working temperature:250°C