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SMON0791 A Series Permanent Magnetic Lifter

SMON0791 A Series Permanent Magnetic Lifters work with the strong magnetic force produced by NdFeB magnetic circuits and you can control the circuit switches by manual handles, which can rotate between the ON and OFF positions.These lifters are featured with no electricity power needed, small volumes, light weights, powerful lifting forces, easy operation, high safety and constant magnetism. For these advantages, they are widely applied in factories, docks and warehouses to lift steel sheets, steel ingots and other magnetic objects.

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These compact yet powerful Rare Earth lift magnets can be used on flat or round surfaces and contain an internal release on/off device that does not contact or damage the surface of the part being lifted. Permanent magnetic lifts eliminate the fear of dropping the load being lifted due to power failures. Lifting Magnets can help lift metal and glass objects easily.