SMON0796 Round Magnetic Separator Grid | Stanford Magnets

SMON0796 Round Magnetic Separator Grid

Magnetic separators are used to extract and remove ferromagnetic materials from liquid or solid mixtures. The separator grids and rods from Stanford Magnets are widely applied in food & pharmaceutical industries where Hazard Analysis Critical and Control Point (HACCP) hazard reduction schemes are implemented.

Placed in the materials flow line, the grids and rods can remove ferrous contamination from sugar, rice, flour, tea, animal feed, plastic granulates, shredded paper, chemicals and shredded copper, etc..Ferromagnetic materials including most mild steels, a few stainless steels, iron, nickel, cobalt and manganese can be picked up by the separators. Non-magnetic materials, such as aluminum, silver, gold, many stainless steels and copper, will not be extracted by magnets (ignoring the weak paramagnetic and diamagnetic effects).

The separators are made of NdFeB magnets and encased in quality stainless steel to obtain corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. The rods ends have M8 tapped holes facilitating assembly to other rods or to other components.

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