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SMON0997 Electric Lifting Magnet XDA-10/10

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Electric Lifting Magnet Introduction

Electric Lifting Magnet can generate a strong suction force when it is energized, and it can be installed in the automation equipment to stop or move the object to be sucked. It is a powerful and compact magnet, with a smooth and flat surface, low consumption, and reliable, simple control. It also features energy saving and can be operated remotely. Electric Lifting Magnet has a simple structure, small volume, and high adsorption force. It has good temperature stability and insulation, and high electrical conductivity.

Electric Lifting Magnet Specification

Grade XDA-10/10
Voltage 12V 24V
current 0.4A 0.2A
power 2W
suction 0.3kg

Electric Lifting Magnet Applications

Electric Lifting Magnet is used in the assembly line, sorting machine, mechanical arm, experimental facility, etc.
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