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SMON1000 Electric Lifting Magnet XDA-15/5

Model: XDA-15/5

Insulation class: B (130℃)

Insulation withstand voltage: AC600V 50/60Hz 1min

Power: 2.5W

Suction power: 1kg

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Electric Lifting Magnet Introduction

Electric Lifting Magnet can generate a strong suction force when it is energized, and it can be installed in the automation equipment to stop or move the object to be sucked. It is widely used in automatic distribution production lines, sorting machines, manipulators, test equipment, medical equipment, grinding, cutting and other automated processing production lines for material or product transportation, transmission, and control.

Electric Lifting Magnet Specification

Grade XDA-15/5
Voltage 12V 24V
current 0.16A 0.08A
power 2.5W
suction 1kg

Electric Lifting Magnet Applications

Electric Lifting Magnet is used in assembly line, sorting machine, mechanical arm, experimental facility, etc.


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