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SMON3100 Stepped Block Neodymium Magnets

Product ID SMON3100
Material NdFeB, Grade N42
Shape Stepped Block
Dimensions 3/4” length x 1 1/2” width x 3/8” thick, with step OUT
Tolerances ±0.004″ x ±0.004″
Weight 1.93 oz. (54.7 g)
Pull Force, Case 1 48.63 lbs
Pull Force, Case 2 87.52 lbs
Plating/Coating Ni-Cu-Ni
Magnetization Direction Thru Thickness
Max. Operating Temp 80℃
Brmax 13,200 Gauss
BHmax 42 MGOe
INQUIRY Can't Find The Size

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Stepped Block Neodymium Magnets Introduction

Stepped Block Neodymium Magnets combine great holding power with an outset area around the circumference. This feature enables the use of many methods of securing the magnet in your assembly. Stepped Block Neodymium Magnets are extremely super strong magnets commercially available in the world, their pull force is quite strong compared to their own size, they have high magnetic remanence, high energy product, and relatively good coercive. This magnet is suitable for those trying to avoid the use of adhesives.


Download a PDF Specification Sheet of Custom Stepped Magnets

Stepped Block Neodymium Magnets Applications

Stepped Block Neodymium Magnets is used in Electric motor, Speaker, 5G Mobile, Audio, Artwork, Electric tools, Automobile, Generator, Motor, Refrigerator, MRI, VCM, Printer, Separator, etc.


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