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SMRN0732 Neodymium Ring Magnet

Product ID: SMRN0732

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SMRN0732 Neodymium RING Magnet Introduction

The SMRN0732 ring neodymium magnet is made from high-performance N42 NdFeB, with Nickel coating. The dimension of this item is 2" od × 1/4" id × 2" thick, magnetized diametrical, with the tolerance of ±0.004" × ±0.004" × ±0.004". The weight of this super strong neodymium magnet is 1.6775 lbs. It can pull up to 133.7 lbs steel.

SMRN0732 Neodymium RING Magnet Safety Tips

The smrn0732 neodymium ring magnet has a very strong attractive force. Unsafe handling could cause jamming of fingers or skin in between magnets. This may lead to contusions and bruises. You should always wear heavy protective gloves and eye protection when handling the smrn0732 neodymium ring magnet. Store the smrn0732 neodymium ring magnet at least one meter away from your body. Separate this item with a piece of cardboard.
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