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SMDN0994 Electric Permanent Magnet Lifter Chuck

Electric Permanent Magnet Lifter Chuck adopts a fully sealed structure with good moisture-proof performance. After the computer-optimized design, the structure is reasonable. It features lightweight, high suction power, and low energy consumption. The excitation coil has been treated with a special process to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil. The thermal grade of the insulating material has reached Class C and the service life is long. The rated continuity rate of ordinary electromagnets has been increased from 60% in the past to 100%, which has increased the utilization rate of electromagnets.

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Electric Permanent Magnet Lifter Chuck Introduction

Electric Permanent Magnet Lifter Chuck does not need electric energy during the working process and only relies on the permanent magnet suction to hold the workpiece, which avoids the danger of the electromagnetic system losing the magnetic force and the workpiece falling off due to sudden power failure and disconnection damage. Since the electro-permanent magnetic chuck only uses electric energy within 1-2 seconds of the magnetization and demagnetization process, it does not use any energy during work to generate safe, strong, and efficient power, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

Electric Permanent Magnet Lifter Chuck Applications

Metal cutting processing, quick mold change (injection molding machine, ceramic dry press), magnetic lifting.

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