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SMON3040 Power Relay GB-1C-12L2

Model: GB-1C-12L2

Certification: UL

Dimension: 15.5×10.5×12 mm

Rated Operating Power: 0.2w or 0.45w

Environment temperature: -30 to 85℃

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Power Relay GB-1C-12L2 Introduction

Power Relay GB-1C-12L2 has three subsystems: contact system, magnetic system, and mechanical components. The magnetic system includes the coil, the core, the yoke, the armature, and the return spring.

Power relays open or close a circuit by using an electromagnetic coil for seamless power flow. These cost-efficient relays are manufactured with an armature, spring, and one or several contacts. If the relay is meant to be normally open when power is applied the electromagnet attracts the armature.


Power Relay GB-1C-12L2 Specification

Insulation Resistance 500MΩ (500VDC)
Operating time (at rated voltage) ≤10ms
Release time (at rated voltage) ≤5ms
Vibration resistance 10Hz~55Hz 1.5mm
Humidity 5~85% Rh
Temperature range -30 to 85℃
Terminal PCB
Weight 3.5g

Power Relay GB-1C-12L2 Applications

Power Relay GB-1C-12L2 is used in audio amplification and telephone systems. It is also applied in automotive electronics and computer systems.

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