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SMON3128 Name Badge Magnets 1.8" Long X 1/2" Wide X 5/32"Thick, or Customized

Product ID: SMON3128

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Name Badge Magnets Introduction

Name Badge Magnets include top-quality name badge magnets used as name badge attachments. The 3M adhesives are pre-applied to the stainless back plates so you can peel off and stick to the name badges or name tags easily. This is the only listing in the USA using premium stainless steel which provides a longer service time, especially in humid environments.

Name Badge Magnets Specification

Material Neodymium magnets, Stainless Steel & 3M foam adhesive
Holding Power 5-7 lbs
Size 1.8" Long X 1/2" Wide X 5/32"Thick, or Customized

Name Badge Magnets Applications

Download a PDF Specification Sheet


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