SMON3146 AlNiCo Button Magnets Thickness: 1 3/4" | Stanford Magnets

SMON3146 AlNiCo Button Magnets Thickness: 1 3/4″

Product ID SMON3146
Material AlNiCo
Magnet Grade AlNiCo 5
Shape Button
Mount Type Unthreaded Hole
Thickness 1 3/4″
OD 1 1/2″
Hole Diameter 3/8″
Maximum Temperature 970℉
Maximum Pull 35 lbs.
INQUIRY Can't Find The Size

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AlNiCo Button Magnets Introduction

AlNiCo Button Magnets are not as strong as rare earth magnets, but they can withstand the highest temperatures. Magnets come with a keeper that covers the poles to maintain the strength of the magnet and protect it from attracting metal during storage.

The AlNiCo button magnet is a two-pole rounded magnet usually with a hole in the center and a slot separating the two poles. They are generally small in size.

AlNiCo Button Magnets Applications

AlNiCo Button Magnets are Ideal for clamping, holding and switching applications.

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