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SMON3191 Magnetic Plate, Spout Magnet

Standard Operating Temperature: ≤80℃

(As requirements, Max. Operating Temperature can reach 350℃)

Material: 304/316L Stainless Steel


  • Easy cleaning and assembling
  • Mounting hole available in customization
  • Additional accessories such as hinges and handles are available
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Magnetic Plate, Spout Magnet Introduction

Magnetic Plate, Spout Magnet can remove iron impurities from large-flow materials to the maximum extent. The unique tilt design prevents iron impurities from being washed away by the high-speed materials ejected, and is also easy to clean.

Magnetic Plate, Spout Magnet Specification

Model Dimensions (mm) Magnetic field action distance Weight (Kg)
SWFMP-EP60 250 175 51 60 5.7
SWFMP-EP120 300 225 76 120 10.4
SWFMP-EP150 450 360 111 150 19.1
SWNMP-EP60 190 125 36 60 3.7
SWNMP-EP120 250 175 46 120 5.9
SWNMP-EP150 330 240 56 150 10.3


Magnetic Plate, Spout Magnet Applications

Magnetic Plate, Spout Magnet are mainly used to remove nails, nuts, wires, and other iron impurities during the transportation of gravel, grain, sugar, flour, wood, minerals, or other granular or lumpy materials.

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