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SMON3203 Hollow Core Linear Voice Coil Motor

Product ID: SMON3203

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Hollow Core Linear Voice Coil Motor Introduction

Hollow Core Linear Voice Coil Motor is a specific type of linear motor that combines the principles of a voice coil actuator with a hollow core design. A voice coil motor is an electromagnetic actuator that converts electrical energy into linear motion. It typically consists of a coil of wire (the voice coil) that is placed within the magnetic field of a magnet. When an electrical current passes through the coil, it experiences a force that drives linear motion. The through-hole feature makes these motors versatile for applications where space constraints or specific design requirements demand a through-hole design.

Hollow Core Linear Voice Coil Motor Specification

Model Stroke Continuous Force Intermittent Force @ 10% Duty Cycle Housing Length Through Hole Dia.
(inch) (N) (N) (inch) (inch)
HVCM-016-010-003-01 0.125 1.4 4.4 0.375 0.125
HVCM-016-013-003-01 0.25 1.6 5.0 0.5 0.125
HVCM-016-019-003-01 0.50 1.5 4.6 0.750 0.125
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Hollow Core Linear Voice Coil Motor Applications

Hollow Core Linear Voice Coil Motor finds applications in various fields, including robotics, medical devices, automation systems, and other areas where precise linear motion with a through-hole is necessary. Related products: Linear Voice Coil Motor Linear Voice Coil Motors with Internal Bearing
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