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SMON3201 Linear Voice Coil Motor


  • Direct Force Drive for High Purity of Motion
  • High-Speed, Precise Translation
  • Highly Responsive Acceleration and Deceleration

Maximum Travel Ranges: 63.5 mm

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Linear Voice Coil Motor Introduction

Linear Voice Coil Motor, also known as a non-commutated DC linear actuator, is a type of direct drive linear motor. The name “voice coil” comes from one of its historically first applications: vibrating the paper cone of a loudspeaker. They are currently used for a wide range of applications, including moving much larger masses.

It consists of a permanent magnetic field assembly (permanent magnets and ferrous steel) and a coil assembly. The current flowing through the coil assembly interacts with the permanent magnetic field and generates a force vector perpendicular to the direction of the current. The force vector can be reversed by changing the polarity of current flowing through the coil.

Linear Voice Coil Motor Specification

Model Stroke (inch) Continuous Force (N) Intermittent Force

@ 10% Duty Cycle (N)

Housing Length (inch)
LVCM-010-013-01 0.25 0.28 0.88 0.500
LVCM-013-008-02 0.125 0.80 2.53 0.313
LVCM-013-013-02 0.25 0.86 2.73 0.500


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Linear Voice Coil Motor Applications

Linear Voice Coil Motor may be used in conjunction with a position sensor and a motion controller for accurate positioning. The other applications of the voice coil motors are force and pressure control.

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