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SMPN2912 Teflon (PTFE) Coated Magnets

Teflon coated magnets, or PTFE coated magnets, are resistant to acid and most corrosion chemicals. Neodymium magnets coated with Teflon can be applied in many extreme working conditions due to its great flexibility at low temperatures and thermal stability at high temperatures.

Certificates for Teflon (PTFE) Materials:
Japan High Polymer Center
Dupont Certificate

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PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene ) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that has numerous applications. The well-known brand name of PTFE-based formulas is Teflon. Teflon (PTFE) coated magnets are used for applications that require low friction and high resistance to liquids and ultrasonic cleaning. PTFE also helps protect the magnet from chipping or breaking. Teflon coated magnets are also water-resistant and machine washable, thus, they are ideal for clothing garments and accessories.

Teflon (PTFE) Coated Magnets includes Teflon Coated Neodymium Disc Magnets, Teflon Coating Alnico / Rare Earth Magnets, PTFE Stirring Magnets, Teflon Coated Neodymium – Smco Magnet Bars / Stirrer and Magnetic Stir Bar.

If you require a specific size or coating material, please contact us for more information.

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