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SMPS0009 SmCo Pot Magnet

Product ID: SMPS0009
Material: Sm2Co17
Shape: Pot
Dimension: 25mm dia x 10mm thickness
Grade: 26M
Coating: Nickel Coated Magnets
Pull Force(Lbs): 37.48
Magnetization Direction: Through Thickness
Magnetic Face: 25mm dia

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The SMPS0009 SmCo Pot Magnet is made from high-performance 26M Sm2Co17, with Nickel coating.

SmCo Pot Magnet Features

Anti-Collision Drop

It contains suspension gaskets

Outsourcing anti-collision steel bushing
Nickel coating increases the brightness
Wide Range Of Uses
These magnets pot are ideal for any kind of kitchen items, daily necessities, or office supplies you want to display in the workplace, classroom, home, school, or factory.
Small Size, Strong Magnetic Force
Magnetic push pins can be used on the surface of iron sheets, magnetic whiteboards, rubber magnets, refrigerators, and other iron materials