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Why Are NdFeB Magnets so Important to Motor

Applications of motor magnets: At present, the motor is mainly using NdFeB strong magnetic materials, sintered magnets, and bonded magnets. The permanent magnet motor with NdFeB magnet as the rotor magnet is small in size, light in weight, high in inertia, high in response to the servo system, high in power and rate/weight ratio, and saving electricity. The shape of the magnet used for the motor is mostly tile, ring or trapezoid, which can be used in different motors, such as permanent magnet motor, AC motor, DC motor, linear motor, brush motor and so on. People usually use the attractiveness and repelling force of motor magnets and motor magnets. Generally, the radial symmetry magnetized tile type motor magnets are selected to form a ring, because the sintered NdFeB is an anisotropic material, and it is difficult to make a complex direction of magnetization. At present, there are also radioactive magnets for the sintered NdFeB motor magnets, but there are many restrictions on the size of the magnets, and the magnetic properties are extremely unstable and the consistency is very bad. At the same time, the die coil and the magnetizing fixture are very expensive. At present, the demand for motor magnets is very large, magnets are its core components. NdFeB permanent magnet can be used in microelectronic machines, small and medium motors and large generators. SmCo motor magnets are also used for special purposes, and ferrite motors are used for low end products. Application range of NdFeB: The field of Electroacoustics: loudspeaker, receiver, microphone, alarm, stage audio, car audio and so on. Electronic and electrical appliances: permanent magnet mechanism vacuum circuit breaker, magnetic latching relay, watt hour meter, water meter, sound meter, reed pipe, sensor, etc. Electrical field: VCM, CDDVD ROM, generator, motor, servo motor, micro motor, vibration motor and so on. Machinery and equipment: magnetic separation, magnetic separator, magnetic suspension, magnetic machinery and so on. Health care: MRI, medical devices, magnetic therapy health products, magnetized fuel economizer and so on. Other industries: magnetization paraffin, pipe descaler, magnetic fixture, automatic mahjong machine, magnetic lock, magnetic, leather, toy magnetic, tool magnetic, craft gift packaging, etc.

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Cathy Marchio is an expert at Stanford Magnets, where she shares her deep knowledge of magnets like Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt. With a background in materials science, Cathy writes articles and guides that make complex topics easier to understand. She helps people learn about magnets and their uses in different industries, making her a key part of the company's success.

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