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Four Big Markets of Magnetic Material

Communication market: Due to the increase in mobile phone function and the improvement of technology, the performance of magnetic materials is higher. Magnetic materials must meet the requirements of high frequency, miniaturization, patch, high magnetic properties, low loss, and electromagnetic interference resistance. The magnetic materials used in mobile communication can be divided into three categories: ferrite microwave devices, ferrite soft magnetic devices, and permanent magnet components. First, microwave device. Microwave devices include high-power circulators for use in base stations, isolators, and small surface-mount circulators and isolators for mobile phones. For example, Motorola's 900 MHz cluster base station uses dozens of double junction isolators. Second, soft ferrite. Soft magnetic ferrite components are mainly magnetic antennas for radio paging and electromagnetic compatibility cores for mobile phones, such as high-frequency band anti-parasitic oscillations, magnetic cores used in mixers, magnetic cores used in coupling coils, and chip inductors. Third, permanent magnet. Most of the vocalization devices and receiving devices used in mobile phones are mostly based on rare earth NdFeB devices.

Computer market: Computer is one of the main applications of ferrite soft magnetic and rare earth permanent magnets. The development of computer technology has promoted new changes in magnetic materials. As the clock frequency of electronic components in the laptop is increased and miniaturized, the applied components must be correspondingly high frequency and flake, such as the ferrite soft magnetic common mode filter which reduces the noise of the power line and the ground, and eliminates the noise shielding of the high harmonic noise, which makes the digital signal distorted. The absorber is clamped with the noise filter on the cable line. The DC voltage of the battery is changed to the DC voltage required for the circuit to use the DC-DC converter core. The high AC voltage of the LCD backlight source is a DC-AC inverter, so the magnetic loss is greatly reduced to achieve the low heating and energy-saving transformer core of the computer and the HDD/DVD/FDD drive. Actuator, giant magnetoresistance head, sound coil motor magnet, spindle motor and optical pick-up motor magnets, IEEE1394/USB interface anti-jamming chip magnetic beads, and common mode filter cores, mainly used in sound equipment and blower motor magnets, which require thin and high-performance NdFeB materials.

Automobile and electric bicycle market: The part of the ferrite motor will be replaced by NdFeB With the wide use of high-strength discharge lighting and the power supply of automobile into 42 volts, the application of soft magneto of wide temperature, high frequency, and low loss ferrite in DC-DC transformer is increased rapidly. Especially electric vehicles and hybrid cars are developing rapidly. Hybrid electric vehicles mainly use magnetic materials, such as electric DC to DC Converters: resonance circuits are used to increase efficiency and reduce noise. High electrical energy is provided through a parallel internal converter. LED display: since its appearance, the organic electroluminescent display has been the basic feature of long service life, high definition, and low energy consumption, which brings new applications of the power core.

Ferrite magnets: ferrite magnets are key components for automotive engines with high reliability and low cost.

NdFeB magnets: NdFeB permanent magnets have a magnetic force of several times that of ferrite magnets, used for ABS wheel sensors and hybrid/fuel cell vehicle motors.

In addition, in the limited space, the electronic circuit is easily disturbed by the noise of electromagnetic waves, and the EMC core is the best countermeasure. The automobile navigation system is considered to be the "brain" of the automobile, and it is becoming computerized increasingly. The evolution of its function is fast, including data storage from DVD to mobile hard disk updates. Magnetic materials are mainly DC-AC inverters, DC-DC converters, EMC noise filters, HDD and DVD motor magnets.

Consumer electronics market: High-grade soft ferrite is the mainstream Color TV that has been dominant in the global consumer electronics products, with around 170 million global output and 200 million by 2010. The hotspots in the future will be high definition, large screen, and digital transition. Flat-panel TVs will account for about 60%. This requirement is more stringent for magnetic materials:

1. High frequency, requiring ferrite core to have a higher working frequency.

2. HD definition requires power transformers to be stable in power, low in material power loss, and large in saturation magnetization.

3. The image is stable and colorful, requiring high permeability materials and electromagnetic interference soft magnetic cores and high-performance focusing films.

4. The development of digitization requires higher requirements for power loss, permeability, and frequency of soft magnetic materials than analog ones.

5. The International Energy Agency has stipulated that the standby power of color TV should be reduced to 1 watts, and new requirements for low-loss power ferrite materials are required. Judging from the future development of the color TV market, high-grade soft ferrite will account for 80% of the total.

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