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SMON3151 Encased Ceramic Magnet (Steel Case)

Product ID SMON3151
Material Ceramic (Ferrite)
Case Material Steel
Magnet Grade C8
Shape Rectangle
Mount Type Standard
Maximum Temperature 175℉
INQUIRY Can't Find The Size

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Encased Ceramic Magnets Introduction

Encased Ceramic Magnets feature a ceramic core encased in a protective housing, ensuring both durability and enhanced performance. With strong magnetic properties, they securely attract and hold objects in place. The encased design shields the ceramic core from external damage, making these magnets resistant to chipping, cracking, and corrosion.

Encased Ceramic Magnets Specification

Thick. Wd. Lg. Max. Pull, lbs. Sets of Poles
1/8″ 33/64″ 1″ 2.2 4
3/16″ 15/32″ 1 21/32″ 4 3
3/16″ 33/64″ 1″ 3 5


Encased Ceramic Magnets Applications

Encased Ceramic Magnets are ideal for various applications, such as Crafts and Hobbies, Home and Office Organization, Automotive and Industrial Applications, etc.

Encased Ceramic Magnet (Steel Case)


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Encased Ceramic Magnet (Steel Case)


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