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SMON3187 Magnetic Grate with Food Grade Welding

Standard Operating Temperature: ≤80℃

(As requirements, Max. Operating Temperature can reach 120℃)

Material: SS316 Seamless steel pipe

Max. Magnetic Strength: 8000GS

Grade: food grade

*Square, round and other special specifications required by customers can be provided.

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Magnetic Grate with Food-Grade Welding Introduction

Magnetic Grate with Food Grade Welding is a type of magnetic separator used in industrial applications to remove ferrous contaminants from bulk materials. It consists of a grid or a series of magnetic tubes (also known as magnetic bars) arranged in a grate-like fashion. The standard magnetic stand is composed of a metal frame and 25mm diameter magnetic rods arranged at a center distance of 50mm, and then assembled or welded with screws. These magnetic bars are typically made of high-strength rare earth magnets, such as neodymium, which provide a strong magnetic field.

The purpose of Magnetic Grate with Food Grade Welding is to attract and capture ferrous materials, like iron and steel particles, from the product stream as it passes through the grate. This is important in industries where product purity and the prevention of equipment damage are crucial, such as in the food processing, plastics, pharmaceutical, and mining industries.


Magnetic Grate with Food Grade Welding Specification


Model Dia H Bars Weight (Kg)
SWMG-R100 100 40 2 0.9
SWMG-R150 150 40 3 1.5
SWMG-R200 200 40 4 2.5
SWMG-R250 250 40 5 3.7
SWMG-R300 300 40 6 5.5
SWMG-R350 350 40 7 7.5
SWMG-R400 400 40 8 10
SWMG-R450 450 40 9 12.3
SWMG-R500 500 40 10 15.5

*Other Shapes or specifications are available. Please contact us for more specifications.


Magnetic Grate with Food Grade Welding Applications

Magnetic Grate with Food Grade Welding is placed in stockers, drawer boxes, hoppers, etc., to capture and remove iron filings, iron flakes, and other metal substances. It is widely used in the food industry.

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