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SMON3156 Nonmarring Encased Ceramic Magnets Thickness 0.24"

Product ID: SMON3156

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Nonmarring Encased Ceramic Magnets Introduction

Nonmarring Encased Ceramic Magnet is a type of magnet that contains a ceramic magnet core encased in a nonmarring housing. The housing material is typically made of nonmagnetic, non-conductive materials such as plastic or rubber. These magnets are designed to protect surfaces from being scratched or damaged when they come into contact with the magnet.

Nonmarring Encased Ceramic Magnets Specifications

Shape Rectangle
Mount Type Standard
Thickness 0.24"
Thickness Tolerance -0.063" to 0.063"
Width 51/64"
Width Tolerance -0.063" to 0.063"
Length 1 49/64" 2 23/64"
Length Tolerance -0.063" to 0.063"
Maximum Pull 5 lbs. 6 lbs.
Sets of Poles 2
Maximum Temperature 175° F
Magnet Grade C8
Material Ceramic (Ferrite)
Case Material Plastic
Color Gray
Maximum Energy Product 28 kJ/m³

Nonmarring Encased Ceramic Magnets Applications

Nonmarring Encased Ceramic Magnets are commonly used in various applications where strong magnetism is required but surface protection is also important, such as in automotive, industrial, and household use. Nonmarring Encased Ceramic Magnets Related products: Encased Ceramic Magnet (Steel Case) Encased Ceramic Magnets (Al Case) Encased Ceramic Magnets (Al Case)
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