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SMON3176 Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap

Product ID: SMON3176

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Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap Introduction

Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap, also named Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Filter, is designed for removing iron fillings from liquid or semi-liquid materials with different viscosity, to keep the purity of materials and protect the equipment. It features easy installation, separation, and cleaning through ferrule, bolt plate, flange or uneven head, etc. The ideal designed magnetic configuration ensures maximum magnetic effect without liquid flow impediment. One of the key features of Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap is its easy and efficient cleaning process. When the trap becomes saturated with captured particles, it can be easily cleaned by removing the cover and pulling out the magnets embedded in a stainless steel sleeve. The captured particles are then wiped off from the magnets, and the sleeve is reinserted into the housing.  

Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap Specification

Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap Figure 1-1 Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap  
MODEL NO. Dimension(mm) No. of rods Weight(Kg)
SWFL150/25 159 32 167 300 5 12
SWFL150/32 159 38 167 300 5 17
SWFL150/40 159 45 167 300 5 18
SWFL150/50 159 57 167 300 5 21
SWFL150/65 159 76 167 300 5 23
SWFL200/50 200 57 206 350 7 27
SWFL200/65 200 76 206 350 7 29
SWFL200/80 200 89 206 350 7 30
SWFL200/100 200 108 228 350 7 33
  Please Contact us for more specifications.  

Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap Applications

Easy-cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap is commonly used in various industries to effectively separate and remove magnetic particles from liquids. It can be used in wastewater treatment plants, food processing industries, chemical manufacturing, and mining operations to remove impurities such as metal shavings, rust, or other magnetic contaminants from the liquid. Related products: Normal Magnetic Liquid Trap Magnetic Liquid Trap with Clamp Connection Normal Magnetic Drawer Rotary Magnetic Separators
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