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Fridge Magnets that Top Up Your Shopping List

Worldline, a transaction services provider, has come up with a kind of electronic fridge magnet dubbed ‘Connected Kitchen’. This magnet targets online food retailers and allows consumers to add everyday items to their shopping lists even as they continue using them in their homes.

Fridge Magnets Fridge Magnets

The device works by scanning the product barcode or the consumer can use the speech recognition feature to voice out what they would like to add. R&D engineer Herault Colombe said, “It is a connected device, able to connect to our cloud services to help customers make their shopping list. To do so, the customer can use the embedded 2D barcode reader or record their voice“.

fridge magnets fridge magnets

The neodymium magnet does not require an application to facilitate the interaction. There are buttons on it to activate the voice recognition and the barcode reader. It remains stuck on the fridge like normal fridge magnets. But whenever the consumer remembers something they will need they can either use a sample of what is already in their home to give the barcode.

They can also speak about the items they would like to buy into the devices. Voice recognition would more often be used for items without barcodes like vegetables and the like. Once the buttons are pushed on the device the information is sent to the R&D cloud service and added to the shopping list. You can check through the information on Worldline's mobile app or website later if required.

The communication between the device and the cloud services is completed using Wi-Fi which originates from the consumer's home router. Research about the right products based on the barcode and the recognition of the text from the spoken words is done by the cloud services. Connecting to the retailer's cloud service is also done using the R&D cloud services and all these form the bulk of the operation.

This device is bound to make shopping easier and more convenient for the consumer since it eliminates the written shopping list posted on the fridge door. It will also reduce the amount of time a customer will spend finding a piece of paper to write a list before they forget the items they were to write down.

It makes the whole process an instant affair and confirmations can still be made on the website and app so a change of mind can be affected as well. It will revolutionize shopping for the consumer.


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