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Magnetic Applications in the Military Field

Magnetic materials have also been widely applied in the military field. For example, ordinary mines or mines can only explode when they touch targets, so their effects are limited. If magnetic sensors are installed on mines, because tanks and warships are made of steel, they can detect changes in the magnetic field when they approach (without touching the target), so that mines explode and increase lethality. In modern warfare, air supremacy is one of the keys to winning the battle. However, the aircraft is easily detected by the enemy's radar during flight, which has great danger. To avoid the surveillance of the enemy radar, a special layer of magnetic material-absorbing material can be coated on the surface of the aircraft. It can absorb the electromagnetic wave emitted by the radar so that the radar electromagnetic wave rarely reflects. Therefore, the enemy radar cannot detect the radar echo and can not find the aircraft, which makes the aircraft stealthier. This is the famous "stealth aircraft". Stealth technology is a hot topic in the field of world military research. The US F117 stealth fighter is a successful example of stealth technology.

Ordinary mines

In the "Star Wars" program of the United States, there is research and development of a new weapon "electromagnetic weapon". The traditional artillery uses the thrust produced by the instantaneous expansion of the ammunition when it explodes to accelerate the projectile rapidly and push it out of the bore. The electromagnetic gun is placed in the solenoid, the solenoid is electrified, then the solenoid generates the magnetic field on the projectile will produce a huge impetus, and the projectile will be fired out. This is the so-called electromagnetic gun. There are also electromagnetic missiles.electromagnetic weapon Ordinary mines can only explode when they come into contact with the target, but if magnetic sensors are added to them, changes in the magnetic field can be detected when they approach but do not touch the target (suitable for making steel objects such as tanks or warships), thus causing mines to explode, greatly increasing their lethality. Aircraft in flight process is easy to be detected by enemy radar, to avoid monitoring by enemy radar, a layer of special magnetic materials can be coated in the plane surface to absorb radar transmitting electromagnetic wave so that only a small amount of electromagnetic wave can reflect in the plane surface, enemy radar cannot detect radar echo, can not find the plane, so that achieved the purpose of the stealth aircraft.

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