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Magnets Used for Making Jewelry Clasps

What are Jewelry Clasps?

Jewelry clasps are an essential part of jewelry that is often overlooked. Not all pieces of jewelry require clasps. However, a good number do. Some types of jewelry that require clasps include necklaces, bracelets, and ankles. These clasps allow you to wear or take off jewelry easily and without damaging it. Jewelry clasps play a huge role in determining the durability of jewelry. There are different types of jewelry clasps. Some of them include lobster clasps, hook clasps, spring ring clasps, and magnetic clasps. For this article, we will be taking a good look at magnetic clasps.

What are Magnetic Clasps?

Magnetic clasps are one of the commonest types of jewelry clasps. As the name implies, they are made from 2 pieces of magnets, one for each end of the jewelry. This type of jewelry clasp uses magnets to fasten the ends of jewelry. They are easier to use than most other types of jewelry clasps. Magnetic clasps can be used by even people with limited motor skills such as children. All you have to do for them to work is snap both ends of the jewelry together. Magnetic clasps come in varying shapes, sizes, and designs. It is important to note that while magnetic clasps are an excellent choice for necklaces, the same can not be said about bracelets. This is because, with bracelets, it is easier for ferrous objects you touch to become attached to the clasps.

Types of Magnetic Clasps

As stated earlier, magnetic clasps come in numerous sizes and shapes. Each size and shape is suited for a particular purpose. Below are the types of Magnetic clasps based on shape. Related Magnet Products: Neodymium Cylinder Magnets

Tube Magnetic Clasps

Just like the name implies, these magnetic clasps have a cylindrical shape. They come in different sizes and finishes. Some popular sizes for these magnetic clasps include 5 mm × 5 mm, 7 mm × 7 mm, 6 mm × 5 mm, and 8 mm × 6 mm. Magnetic clasps-1

Mag-Lok Magnetic Clasps

These magnetic clasps are made from powerful magnets. They are self-aligning and therefore easy to use. Mag-Lok magnetic clasps are ideal for people who may find it difficult to operate conventional clasps. They come in the following sizes: 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, and 11 mm.

Beehive Magnetic Clasps

These magnetic clasps are shaped like a beehive, giving them a very unique look. They are a great choice for necklaces made with medium-weight beads. Magnetic clasp

Magnetic Ball Clasps

Magnetic ball clasps are perfect for necklaces made with round beads as they easily blend with the beads.

Magnetic Ball Clasps

Converter Magnetic Clasps

Converter magnetic clasps are made by converting other types of jewelry clasps into magnetic clasps.

Converter Magnetic Clasps  

Advantages of Magnetic Clasps

Easy to Use

Magnetic clasps are incredibly easy to use. To fasten your jewelry, all you need to do is bring both ends together. If you think they are easy to fasten, you are in for a shock because they are even easier to unfasten. All you have to do is pull both ends apart. This makes magnetic clasps way more convenient than other jewelry clasps. You do not need to ask for help if your jewelry is made from magnetic clasps before you can wear it or take it off.


Magnets are believed to have therapeutic effects in many cultures. The magnets used in making magnetic clasps can be used as pain relief for people with arthritis or inflammation.

How to Choose Magnetic Clasps


Size is an important factor to consider while choosing magnetic clasps. It is important to make sure the weight of the necklace is not too heavy for the size of the magnetic clasp as this can affect the fastening ability of the clasp. It is also important the magnetic clasp is not too big for the jewelry so that it does not look out of place.


You should consider the shape of the magnetic clasp when choosing one. This is because certain shapes of magnetic clasps will look better with certain jewelry. For example, a ball magnetic clasp will look marvelous with jewelry made with round beads.


Color is another factor to consider when choosing magnetic clasps for your jewelry. For example, a silver magnetic clasp will be perfect for silver jewelry. Likewise, a copper-colored magnetic clasp will be just right for copper-colored jewelry.

Other Uses of Magnetic Clasps

Purses/ Wallets

Magnetic clasps are also used in making some purses and wallets. They are equally used for decorative purposes and as locks in these purses and wallets.


Magnetic clasps are becoming more popular in the jewelry industry. They are easy to use and come in different creative designs. Thank you for reading and we hope it can help you to have a better understanding of magnet uses. If you want to learn more about magnets, we would like to advise you to Stanford Magnets for more information. As a leading magnet supplier across the world, Stanford Magnets has been involved in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of magnets since the 1990s. It provides customers with high-quality permanent magnets like SmCo magnets, neodymium magnets, AlNiCo magnets, and ferrite magnets (ceramic magnets) at a very competitive price.

About the author

Cathy Marchio

Cathy Marchio is an expert at Stanford Magnets, where she shares her deep knowledge of magnets like Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt. With a background in materials science, Cathy writes articles and guides that make complex topics easier to understand. She helps people learn about magnets and their uses in different industries, making her a key part of the company's success.

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