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How to Purchase the Right Neodymium Magnet?

Neodymium magnet, also known as NdFeB magnet, has excellent magnetic properties and is widely used in electronics, electrical machinery, medical equipment, toys, packaging, hardware machinery, aerospace, and other fields. When buying neodymium magnets, because there are many grades of neodymium magnets out there, many people do not know how to buy a suitable neodymium magnet. So how to purchase the right neodymium magnet? There are some tips that you should bear in mind.

How to Purchase the Right Neodymium Magnet? How to Purchase the Right Neodymium Magnet?

First of all, you need to know the working environment where the neodymium magnet is needed. According to the external environment where the magnet works, we can choose the coating required by the magnet. The common coatings are zinc plating and nickel plating, as well as epoxy plating. In addition, Stanford Magnets can also provide other coatings according to user requirements, such as gold plating. Secondly, you should know the required magnetic force and magnet shape. On the premise of determining the shape and magnetic force of the magnet, we then choose the corresponding neodymium magnet grade. At Stanford Magnets, you can buy neodymium magnets from N35 to N52 grades, the larger the number, the stronger the magnetic force. Thirdly, before choosing a neodymium magnet, we should know the working temperature where the magnet is located. When the working temperature is below 80 degrees, we choose the neodymium magnets of the N series. When the working temperature is between 80°C and 120°C, we choose the H series. In addition, the neodymium magnets of the SH series can withstand 150 degrees, while the UH series can withstand 180 degrees. When the operating temperature is above 200 degrees, we have the EH and AH series for you to choose from.


Thank you for reading our article and we hope the tips in this article can help you to purchase the right neodymium magnet. If you want to learn more about neodymium magnets and other types of magnets, we would like to advise you to visit Stanford Magnets for more information.

 As a leading magnet supplier across the world, Stanford Magnets has been involved in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of magnets since the 1990s. We provide customers with high-quality permanent magnets like SmCo magnets, neodymium magnetsAlNiCo magnets, ferrite magnets (ceramic magnets), and other magnet products at a very competitive price.

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Cathy Marchio

Cathy Marchio is an expert at Stanford Magnets, where she shares her deep knowledge of magnets like Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt. With a background in materials science, Cathy writes articles and guides that make complex topics easier to understand. She helps people learn about magnets and their uses in different industries, making her a key part of the company's success.

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