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What are the Benefits of Permanent Magnet Generators?


The demands for different kinds of energy are rising rapidly. Humans are in need of electricity and other powers desperately. In order to create electricity for lighting, cooking, heating, and other uses, permanent magnet generators and other advanced equipment are developed. This article is going to talk about the structures, work mechanisms, and advantages of permanent magnet generators and compare them with induction generators. Hope that you can learn more about the benefits of permanent magnet generators.

What Are Permanent Magnet Generators?

Permanent magnet generators are devices that convert mechanical movements to electricity using their own magnetic fields. These devices are commonly used in wind turbines, steam turbines, gas turbines, and engines to create electrical power.

Permanent Magnet Generator

Figure 1. A Permanent Magnet Generator

The most significant feature of these generators is that they do not require extra current supply. Such apparatus employs the intrinsic magnetism generated by permanent magnets. You can choose neodymium permanent magnets or samarium-cobalt magnets. Ferrite magnets, aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets, and other strong magnet materials also work. Stanford Magnets is a reliable supplier of permanent magnets of different types and shapes. Customization is also welcome. Send us an inquiry if you are interested.

How Do Permanent Magnet Generators Work?

The main components of permanent magnet generators are stators and rotors.

  • The rotor is made from permanent magnets, and it can generate magnetic fields. Magnetic parts are set around the stators as well, so fluxes could compass them.
  • The stator is composed of rotating coils. Once receiving the magnetic power, the stator generates electricity consequently.
  • In this way, the movement of the rotors is transformed into electric energy. The more stator coils we have, the more electric currents we get.


The Structure of Permanent Magnet Generators

[1] Figure 2. The Structure of Permanent Magnet Generators

What Are Induction Generators?

Induction generators are alternating current (AC) electrical generators that utilize extra energy to generate electricity since they do not have their magnetic field. These generators are applied to a range of fields such as mini hydro power plants, wind turbines, and gas turbines.

How Do Induction Generators Function?

Induction generators operate by making their rotors faster than their stators.

  • First, the stator of the induction machine is linked to a current supply and produces magnetic fields. The rotor is pulled and starts running.
  • If the rotor runs at the synchronous speed, there would be no slip and no torque consequently. The rotor current would disappear under such conditions.
  • If the rotor moves at a higher speed, there would be some negative slip, and the rotor cuts the magnetic field of the stator.
  • Thus, a current is generated and the machine works.

4 Benefits of Permanent Magnet Generators

The situation of waning fossil fuel supply and the critical environment state is making it more and more necessary to find alternative energy sources. More and more people are choosing permanent magnetic generators to replace traditional generators in some domestic applications. If you are still unfamiliar with permanent magnetic generators and their benefits, this article should call your attention.

4 Benefits of Permanent Magnet Generators-1

Permanent Magnet Generators Benefit 1: Free Energy Source

Permanent magnet generators generate electricity with the inside magnets that can be used to power other electric devices, which means that you will no longer need to pay for the expensive electric bills. In addition, you can even sell your excessive electricity to local utilities and get payment from them.

Permanent Magnet Generators Benefit 2: Reliable Energy Output

Compared to generators powered by other renewable and green energy, solar energy and wind power, for example, permanent magnetic generators work independently of factors inside or outside of your house. You will no longer need to worry about the weather. 4 Benefits of Permanent Magnet Generators-2

Permanent Magnet Generators Benefit 3: Low Installation Fee

A permanent magnet generator will not cost you a lot of money to install. You only need to buy everything necessary in a hardware store with little money and assemble one by yourself. With only hundreds of dollars, in one day, or less time, you can have your permanent magnet generators at home.

Permanent Magnet Generators Benefit 4: Maintenance-Free

Another great thing about permanent magnet generators is that you do not need to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance work. Just install it and wait there expecting it to make money for you!

Benefits of Permanent Magnet Generators Over Induction Generators

  1. Free Energy Source

Permanent magnet generators produce electricity using their magnetism. So, you do not need to pay high electric bills, and a large budget is saved. Besides, these devices do not need any other resources, which are quite environmentally friendly.

  1. Reliable Power Output

Permanent magnet generators do not need any special operating environments. Hence, they can offer reliable performance compared with wind turbine motors. Additionally, permanent magnet generators do not suffer from energy loss, while induction generators typically lose 20-30% of energy. Additionally, there are no temperature rises in the magnetic machines, so the life of the bearings can be prolonged.

  1. Low Maintenance Fee

Due to the features mentioned above, you do not need to spend lots of money and time on the maintenance of permanent magnet generators. And they do not have slip rings and brushes, which are supposed to be checked at regular intervals.

  1. Compatibility

Permanent magnet generators can be employed with turbines and diesel generators.


Compared with induction generators, permanent magnet generators could produce reliable electricity with a free energy source and lower maintenance fees. Stanford Magnets has rich experience in the manufacturing and sale of permanent magnets for various applications. For more information, please check our homepage. Thank you for reading our article we hope it can help you have a better understanding of the Benefits of Permanent Magnet Generators. If you want to know more about permanent magnets, we would like to recommend you visit Stanford Magnets for more information. Stanford Magnets is a leading magnet supplier around the world, that has been involved in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of magnets since the 1990s. It provides customers with high-quality rare earth permanent magnetic products, and other non-rare earth permanent magnets at a very competitive price. Reference: [1] Tom, L., & Vakil, G. (2021). Analysis of Integration Options for A Two-Stage Synchronous Generator [Photograph]. 2021 International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Future Electric Transportation. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Conventional-wound-field-synchronous-generator_fig1_350115601

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