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What Motors can be Used for NdFeB Magnets?

Neodymium magnets are used in permanent magnet motors. Common permanent magnet motors are: permanent magnet DC motor, permanent magnet AC motor. Permanent magnet DC motor: brush DC motor, brushless motor, stepper motor, etc. Permanent magnet AC motor: synchronous permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet servo motor, etc. According to the mode of motion, it also can be divided into permanent magnet linear motor and permanent magnet rotary motor.

neo magnets

Because of the excellent magnetic properties of rare earth permanent magnet materials, the permanent magnetic field can be established without any additional energy after magnetization. The rare earth permanent magnet motor made by replacing the traditional electric field of the motor is not only high in efficiency but also simple in structure, reliable in operation small in volume, and light in weight. It can not only achieve high performance (such as super-high efficiency, super-high-speed, super-high response speed) that the traditional electric excitation motor cannot compare, but also can be made to meet the specific operational requirements of special motors, such as elevator traction motor, automotive motor and so on. With the combination of rare earth permanent magnet motor power electronics technology and microcomputer control technology, the performance of the magnet rotor and transmission system has been improved to a new level. Therefore, improving the performance and level of the supporting technical equipment is an important development direction for the motor industry to adjust the industrial structure.

permanent magnet motor

Rare earth permanent magnet motor is widely used in almost all fields of aviation, aerospace, national defense, equipment manufacturing, industrial and agricultural production, and daily life. It includes a permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet generator, DC motor, AC permanent magnet servo motor, permanent magnet linear motor, special permanent magnet motor, and related control system, covering almost the entire motor industry.

Mechanism and principle of rare earth permanent magnet motor

The structure of the rare-earth permanent magnet synchronous motor is mainly composed of the rotor, end cap, stator, and so on. Generally speaking, the stator structure of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is very similar to that of the ordinary induction motor, but the unique structure of the rotor is mainly different from other motors.

magnet motor

The biggest difference between Tesla's AC induction motors is that they have high-quality permanent magnet poles on the rotor. Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) are usually classified into three categories: embedded, face-mounted, and plug-in, because of the variety of locations in which permanent magnets are placed on the rotor. Their working principle is roughly the same, after connecting a three-phase current into a fixed motor stator winding, it will form a rotating magnetic field, due to the installation of a permanent magnet in the rotor, the permanent magnet pole is fixed, according to the principle of the magnetic pole, the rotating magnetic field generated in the rotor will drive the rotor to rotate.

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